Liturgical Ministries

The following groups are members of the Liturgical Ministries: Lectors, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Greeters, Ushers, Servers, Musicians, & Gift Bearers


A lector takes upon oneself the awesome duty and privilege of bringing the printed word to life. The Word of God is not a history lesson even though there is history in it, it is not a story even though it is full of stories, it is not a set of rules to live by even though there is much in it to guide our choices; the Word of God is a living and dynamic presence. It is up to the lector to be able to read the work in such a way that the assembly understands and will choose to live by the Word.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

An Extraordinary Minister distributes the Body and Blood of our Lord during the Mass with reverence and dignity at all times. The ministers develop a devotion to the Eucharistic presence of Christ, knowing the Christ of the Eucharist.


The ushers represent the parish and are probably the first and last parishioner many will see on a given Sunday.


The altar server occupies a privileged place in the liturgical celebration. The altar server presents himself to a community and experiences firsthand that Jesus Christ is present and active in every liturgical act. We invite children as young as fourth graders to become servers, but also use adult servers at each mass as well as for funerals.

Music Ministry

The OLSH Parish choir sings at the 8:30 AM Mass on Sundays, from Labor Day to Pentecost Sunday. Practices are usually scheduled on Thursday evenings.  The choir combines with the SSPP choir for regional celebrations such as a Christmas Eve Mass and the Easter Vigil.  This choirs is generally open to adults and children as young as 12. We also have a youth choir that sings a Christmas Eve mass and other periodic times, open to grades 2-8.  A young adult choir with high school aged youth and college aged young adults home for the summer often sings in the summer months as well.  If you play an instrument (especially trumpet, flute or violin) and would like to be called for special occasions, please let us know. Please contact our music director, Bob Wurzelbacher, at for any questions.

Gift Bearers

We invite all parishioners to be gift bearers at the Mass they attend. If you would like your family to participate, please call the parish office.