Ordination Novena

On May 18, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will celebrate the historic ordination of nine men to the priesthood! Deacons Alex Biroymumeisho, Mark Bredestege, Zachary Cecil, Christian Cone-Lombarte, Ambrose Dobroszi, Andrew Hess, Elias Mwesigye, Jeffrey Stegbauer, and Jedediah Tritle have spent many years studying, discerning, and serving in preparation for this momentous day where they receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders. This will be the largest ordination class in more than 40 years!

We know that it is your prayers for the vocations of future priests that have strengthened them throughout their years of formation. We ask that you intensify your prayers and join us in a novena for these men as they near ordination day.

Following is a link to sign up for the novena:

St. Nicholas Academy Closure

Dear Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I officially report that I received a letter on February 12th from Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr (which can be read in it’s entirety here) stating that he accepted the recommendation of the Board of Limited Jurisdiction and the Saint Nicholas Academy Future Fund Committee that at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 academic, Saint Nicholas Academy (SNA) would close. First, I want to thank the group of parents and parishioners who fought so hard to try and save the school. In the end, it wasn’t a lack of money, effort, or desire, but declining enrollment that was the determining factor. Thank you to all who were so generous over the years in the support of Saint Nicholas Academy.

Closing a door, whether our school or in life, is never easy. It brings pain, anger, frustration, and an anxiety about what the future holds. The next few months will be difficult and test us as we both mourn our loss and celebrate the great successes that SNA has achieved over the past 10 plus years while beginning to look forward to what God has in store. During the difficult transition, please continue to pray for our families as the seek new educational opportunities and for our teachers and staff as they seek new employment.

Currently, I am working with local parishes to see how we can transition our families into new schools. Some pastors have already verbally agreed to working out some form of in-parish rate. However as a matter of justice, other parishes should not be expected to supplement the education of our children, that is, take a financial loss by giving them an in-parish rate. Thus, we are in the process of working out details of how Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (OLSH) will help supplement family tuition. To help this endeavor, we ask OLSH parents of SNA to inform the parish office as soon as possible of where you intend to send your children next year. Our hope is that with this information, we will be able to cover some of the tuition costs and offer the same levels of financial aid as in previous year. Financial aid forms will be made available March 1.

Alexander Graham Bell once said, “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” As we move forward, we will not forget the closing door as we seek the opens doors ahead. With Jesus Christ as our strength and guide, we will face the uncertainty together with trust and hope in our Father’s loving plan. May the Lord bless us and protect us as we cross the threshold of new opportunity.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Reverend Matthew J. Robben, Pastor

Welcome our new Music Director at SSPP & OLSH!

Trent Sims is a native of Dayton, Ohio. He developed a love of music at an early age and completed 10 years of intensive private study in organ performance and choral conducting with teachers in the Dayton area. During the course of his studies, he accepted his first professional position at a large downtown Dayton church as Organist/Director of Music when he was 18. A subsequent interest in the theater organ led him to accept staff organist positions at several music-themed pizza restaurants equipped with Wurlitzer pipe organs. Among those restaurants were the Cincinnati area based Springdale Music Palace and The Music Palace in Sharonville. As a concert organist, Trent has played classical and theater organ concerts across the United States, England and Germany. He plays regular concerts on the recently installed Wurlitzer pipe organ in the Ballroom at Cincinnati’s historic Music Hall and made the inaugural recording on that instrument in 2010. Trent continues to maintain an active concert schedule. His formal education includes an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from Sinclair College in Dayton and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mortuary Science from the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. His hobbies include flying, classic cars and motorcycle riding.

A Letter From Fr. Matthew Robben

August 17, 2018
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am writing this letter in response to the McCarrick and now Pennsylvania grand jury
investigation. I am angry, disappointed, and feel a sense of betrayal by our leadership.

When I
was ordained to the priesthood in 2012, I understood the challenge the clergy faced in
regaining the trust of the faithful after the scandals in the early 2000s. I, like many of the lay
faithful, thought this scandal was behind us and it was a new period of renewal both for the
clergy and the Church… now I know I was wrong.

First, to all victims of sexual abuse, whether at the hands of priests and bishops or
others, my heart breaks for you. Victims of sexual abuse often have feelings of shame, isolation,
and low self-esteem. Remember, you are a victim and are not alone! You deserved better and
the abuse you suffered does not define the person God created you to be. Know that God loves
you unconditionally and seeks to bring you healing and peace.

The greatest joy for me as a priest is the ability to bring the love and mercy of Jesus
Christ to the people of God in their greatest need. This is what the lay faithful count on from
priests as they attempt to grow in holiness in an ever increasingly secular world. Sexual abuse
by clergy not only breaks this sacred trust but inflicts great evil to the victim and the Body of
Christ. The thought that some bishops not only covered up the abuse but were perpetrators
themselves is not only disheartening, but a betrayal of their priestly vocation.

This most recent scandal is clear evidence that we, the Church, have forgotten that we
are called to “be in the world, not of the world.” (John 17:14-19) We have allowed the culture
to enter the social structure of the Church all the way to our leadership instead of the Church
entering the culture.

As we attempt to move forward, this must change. The recent call by the
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for a Vatican and lay led visitation and
investigation, is a good first step to making sure that we can address the wrongs of the past so
as to prevent such evil in the future.

Darkness never triumphs and evil never wins! God conquers all evil! As we attempt to
move forward, please pray for everyone involved, the victims of sexual abuse, bishops, priests,
and even those who committed these heinous crimes. Through prayer, penance, and a re-
dedication to the universal call to holiness, we can reclaim the rightful place of Christ in our
culture and our lives. When we believe we can become Saints, society will believe too! Our Lady
of the Sacred Heart and Saints Peter and Paul…pray for us!
God’s blessings,

Fr. Matt

To download a copy of this letter click here.

Kroger Community Rewards

The Kroger Community Rewards Program was designed to support organizaons by simply using your Kroger Plus Card! Sign up right away to start earning rebates for our parish.

1. Sign in or create an account at
2. Click on Enroll Now< 3. Under “Find Your Organizaon” enter 80728 (SSPP) or 80117 (OLSH), click search 4. Click on appropriate parish name 5. You’ll receive confirmaon that you’ve enrolled. Your purchases will begin earning rewards within 7-10 business days aBer registering your Kroger Plus Card. If you have any quesons or need help registering, contact Beth PeDgrew at 513/554-1010 or Lisa Schoenberger at 513/535-9841.

Resisting Happiness

Thank you for the many positive comments over the past 37 weeks of reflections. They have been a source of strength for me to break the cycle of resistance in my own life. Many have asked that the past reflections for the book Resisting Happiness be accessible online. Hopefully by the time you read this article, they will be posted on our website. If you do not have web access, call the parish office and we will mail you a copy.

Why go on a Spiritual Retreat?

You could be as wealthy as a king — yet miserable — if you have no friends. Or you could be as poor as dirt — yet happy — because you’re surrounded by loved ones.

A recent study of human happiness by the distinguished British economist Richard Layard concludes that the most significant factor for personal happiness is relationships with other people. And what personal relationship could be more important than the relationship with God?

To learn more about retreats and find resources for local retreat houses, visit our Adult Faith Formation page.

Infant Baptism

14 weeks?

ARE YOU EXPECTING A BUNDLE OF JOY? Congratulations! It’s time to call the church office for Baptism!

The faith community of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart share in your joy and excitement!

If you are planning to have your baby baptized, please call the parish office at 733-4950 during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy to get enrolled in the Baptism preparation process. 

Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit, and the door which gives access to the other sacraments.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, #1213) Through Baptism, we are freed from sin and reborn as children of God. We thus become members of the Body of Christ, and are incorporated into the Church, sharing in her mission.

Click here to read our congratulatory newsletter with lots of information about your infant’s Baptism.

Sr. Rose Goes to the Movies





Holy Thursday, March 24

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

  • 6:30 PM – Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament continues in the parish throughout the night.
Sts. Peter & Paul
  • 8:30 am Rosary & Morning Prayer (Lauds)
  • Good Friday, March 25

    Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

    • 6:30 PM – Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

    Sts. Peter & Paul

    • 8:30 am Rosary & Morning Prayer (Lauds)
    • 12:00 Noon Divine Mercy Chaplet
    • 12:45 PM Stations of the Cross
    • 1:30 PM Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

    Holy Saturday, March 26

    Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

    Sts. Peter & Paul

    • 8:30 AM – Morning Prayer (Lauds) with Preparation Rites for the Elect
    • 8:45 PM – The Easter Vigil


    Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

    • 8:30 AM

    Sts. Peter & Paul

    • 10:30 AM