Advisory Councils

Parish Mission Statement

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart parish seeks to enrich and inspire a vibrant Catholic faith community by gathering to celebrate the Eucharist and by working together to fulfill the spiritual needs of our parish family.  Proud of our heritage and responsible tradition, we call upon the goodness and generosity of all our members to live out the Catholic faith with love and respect for all God’s creation.

Thus we shall strive:

  • To listen and communicate effectively with the entire parish;
  • To nurture a kind, caring and loving attitude among all parish members, ensuring that people of all ages feel appreciated, needed and respected, especially our youth and elderly;
  • To provide the highest quality education possible, not only academically, but in a fundamental Catholic Christian sense;
  • To inspire faith-centered, holy and spiritually endowed families;
  • To build upon our fine heritage and diversity, providing opportunities for all members to use their gifts and talents in ways the Lord intended;
  • To plan wisely and in fiscally responsible ways to meet the greater needs of the parish; and,
  • To reach out in a spirit of evangelization, social justice, and love, wherever there is need.

With the help of the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to embody the teachings of the Lord and invite Jesus into our hearts to guide every thought we ponder, every word we express, and every action we take.